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◆main audio system

Category Product name Maker brand
cd transport CD2000mk3 Oracle
sacd player BDP 105JP OPPO
iPod data transport iD100 Cambridge Audio
EPSU for iD100 PS-12 EL Sound
digital music storage iPod classic 120GB #1(black) apple
iPod classic 120GB #2(silver) apple
D/A converter MA1 DAC Meitner Audio
pre amplifier PL-L with TESLA E83CC & G.E.C. A2900 Nagra
power amplifier SS-010 Vitus Audio
speaker Guarneri memento Sonus Faber
super tweeter ES105A Suono muRata
power generator PerfectWave Power Plant 10 PS Audio
●AC cable
:CD2000mk3 Black Label II NBS
:BDP 105JP Omega0 NBS
:EPS for iD100 Digital AC JPS Labs
:MA1 DAC AC Landa with oyaide P/C-037 Jorma Design
:PL-L Black Label II NBS
:SS-010 Andromeda Vitus Audio
:P10 PowerLink MM Transparent
●digital cable
:CD2000mk3->MA1 DAC Valhalla Digital BNC Nordost
:iD100->MA1 DAC Absolute2 BNC Timeload
●interconnect cable
:MA1 DAC->PL-L Platinum Eclipse RCA WireWorld
:BDP 105JP->PL-L SIN 75 EVO Digital RCA AET
:BDP 105JP->PL-L Super Eclipse 5 BAL WireWorld
:PL-L->SS-010 Valhalla RCA Nordost
●speaker cable
:SS-010->Guarneri memento Sarum The Chord Company
:Guarneri memento->ES105A CX-1 Mitsubishi Cable Industries
:CD2000mk3 D-Prop Extend Kryna
:CD2000mk3 PSU D-Prop Extend mini Kryna
:BDP 105JP Cerapuc Finite Elemente
:MA1 DAC D-Prop Extend Kryna
:PL-L D-Prop Kryna
:PL-L PSU T-Prop Kryna
:SS-010 D-Prop Extend Kryna
:QuadraSpire Silent Mount SM-5T/P4 Andante Largo
●other accessories
audio rack Q4D Quadraspire
speaker under-board WellFloat BW001 G Clef Acoustic
AC breaker CBR-20AS Cryo Audio Technology
wall socket AC Silver1 Dynamic Audio
wall socket base plate CB-1 Acoustic Revive
wall socket cover CPP-2SZ Audio Replas
power conditioner Λ5.35 AiTEC

◆bedside audio system

iPod data transport iD100 Cambridge Audio
EPSU for iD100 PS-12 EL Sound
digital music storage iPod classic 160GB #3(black) apple
decoding computer Wadia521 Wadia
headphone amplifier P-700u Luxman
headphone Edition8 Palladium Ultrasone
T1(modified ballanced) Bayerdynamic
HD800 with SAEC SHC-B300FH80 Sennheiser
powerd speaker SRS-TD60(B) Sony
isolation trans AIT-160TW Assistance Design
●AC cable
:P-700u Statement NBS
:Wadia521 SIN AC AET
:EPSU for iD100 SIN AC AET
:AIT-160TW PA22 with HBL 8215CAT & oyaide P-029 Oyaide
●digital cable
:iD100->Wadia521 Valhalla AES/EBU Nordost
●interconnect cable
:Wadia521->P-700u Interconnect Cable Organic Audio
:iD100 QR-8 Acoustic Revive
:Wadia521 Cerabase Finite Elemente
:P-700u FR-C001(spike) Firestone Audio
OPT-30HG-PL HR Audio Replas
:Audio Magic Silent Mount SM5-B4 Andante Largo
●other accessories
audio rack HF04MLB Sound Magic
wall socket RAC-WN1318 Matsushita Electric Works