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Category Product name Maker brand
power amplifier with attenuator SS-010 Vitus Audio
universal player UX-1 Limited (ver-up to Pi) Esoteric
iPod data transport Wadia170 iTransport Wadia
external power supply for iTransport PS-12 EL Sound
external battery unit for iTransport KBC-9VS Sanyo
iPod data transport ND-S1 Onkyo
external power supply for ND-S1 P.S. only for ND-S1 EL Sound
digital music storage iPod classic 120GB(black) apple
iPod classic 120GB(silver) apple
BD player/recorder BW800 Panasonic
master clock generator G-0 with Jorma and NEBU internal-wire Esoteric
rubidium frequency standard no name TMS original
decoding computer Wadia521 Wadia
sampling rate converter SRC2496 Behringer
speaker Guarneri memento Sonus Faber
super tweeter batpure Taket
headphone amplifier m902 Grace Design
headphone HD650 Sennheiser
DT990 edition2005 Bayerdynamic
ATH-ESW9 Audio-Technica
ear speaker system SRS-4040 Stax
rear projection tv KDS-50A2500 Sony
power conditioner Power Bank 8 Transparent
isolation trans AIT-160TW Assistance Design
AC cable
:UX-1 ProfessionalIII NBS
:EPS for iTransport Silver Electra Power 3 WireWorld
:EPS for ND-S1 PM650 Camelot Technology
:Rb F.S. Statement NBS
:SRC2496 Digital AC JPS labs
:Wadia521 Golden Reference Power Cardas
:SS-010 Andromeda Vitus Audio
:BW800 L/I 15 dpc Oyaide
:m902 Oracle AC1 MIT
:SRM-006t PLP Transparent
:Power Bank 8 Golden Reference Power Cardas
digital cable
:Rb F.S.->G-0 SIN 75 EVO AET
:G-0->UX-1 UR DG 75 spec.2004 AET
:G-0->SRC2496 DB510 Oyaide
:UX-1->Wadia521 SIN 75 EVO AET
:BW800->Wadia521 DB510 Oyaide
:50A2500->Wadia521 Optlink-5 audioquest
:iTransport-> SRC2496 KS-2020 Kimber Select
:SRC2496->Wadia521 MDC-1XLR MADRIGAL
:ND-S1->m902 RSC Master Generation2 TARA LABS
interconnect cable
:Wadia521->SS-010 Interconnect RCA Organic Audio
:UX-1->SS-010 Super Eclipse 5 BAL WireWorld
speaker cable KS-3033 with WBT-0680ag Kimber Select
headphone cable for HD650 SXC Cryo 18awg ALO
HDMI cable
:UX-1->50A2500 Silver Starlight WireWorld
:BW800->50A2500 M1000 Monster Cable
:UX-1 CERABASE Finite Elemente
:iTransport D-Prop mini Kryna
:Rb F.S. JS-32 Jeff Rowland
:Wadia521 CERAPUC Finite Elemente
:G-0 C-Prop Kryna
:BW800 AT6099 audio technica
:SRC2496 AT6098 audio technica
:Power Bank 8 AT6098 audio technica
AC breaker CBR-20AS Cryo Audio Technology
wall socket AC Silver1 Dynamic Audio
wall socket base plate CB-1 Acoustic Revive
wall socket cover CPP-SZ2 Audio Replas